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Working areas

NavTrax adapts to your business sector through a configurable interface and the creation of optional fields to target your core business.

Here below some examples of areas in which NavTrax is used.

  • Stores Inventory (Ironsmith, PPE, Unit, Bags, Paletts, Box…)
  • Machinery park management (Skips, Tooling,…)
  • Projects and worksites follow up
  • Service and Intervention planning (Technical control, Inspection, Repair, Guarantee …)
  • Periodical alerts for your certifications (Slings, Schackles, …)
  • Kit creation (Toolbox, Cases, …)
  • Data sheets, User manuals, certificates, Invoices,…
  • Operation history
  • Stores inventory (Expandables, accessories, …)
  • Instruments and equipment management
  • Worksites positioning
  • Maintenance and services follow up, periodical control and certifications (Metrology, Calibration, …)
  • Kit creation (Sets, Cases, …)
  • Delivery notes, certificates, Invoices, Warranties …
  • Store Inventory (Stationnaries, expandables, …)
  • Inventory and allocation follow up (Office, Computers, Telecoms, …)
  • Licence management
  • Fleet management
  • Maintenance and services folow up (Technical controls, Inspection, Repair, Guarantee, Updates …)
  • Periodical control and certification alerts (Elevators, Extinguishers, A/C, …)
  • Kit creation (Work sets, …)
  • Aknowledgement receipt, Incoices, Warranties …
  • Stores inventory (Expandables, Stationnaries, PPE…)
  • Equipment positioning (Sites, Network)
  • Fleet and equipment management
  • Software licences management
  • Maintenance and services folow up (Inspection, Repair, Guarantee, Updates …)
  • Certification and periodical control alerts (Instruments, lifting …)
  • Kit creation (personnel work sets, …)
  • User manuals, certificates, invoices, Warranties …
  • Operation history
  • Fleet and contenair traceability
  • Transport coordination
  • Custom codes configurable
  • Import / export follow up
  • Custom deadlines alerts
  • Establish Groupage consignement
  • Transport Manifests, Commercial invoices, Transit orderCustom documents, …
  • Asset tagging (Barcode 1D/2D)
  • Kit creation (work sets, …)
  • Stores inventory (Expandables, Stationnaries, PPE…)
  • Equipment positioning and assignment (Projects/Customers, Sites)
  • Maintenance and services folow up (Inspection, Repair, Guarantee)

Among our customers

Because our customers speak it best, do not hesitate to ask us contact’s references to get their feedback on using our NavTrax solution.


Thanks to NavTrax, we simply manage our pool of equipment and keep a complete traceability : transfers, position, interventions, etc. Easy to use and customisable, it adapted perfectly to our business needs.

C. A.
CEO, Locatech Services

NavTrax brought us the missing tool needed to manage our pool of equipment.

Simple, cost-effective and in perpetual development, NavTrax enable to gain efficiency while being notified for equipment maintenance deadline.

This tool help us meet our certifications requirements.

B. Basquin
Project Manager, Biogenie

NavTrax is a simple, efficient and ergonomic tool that gave us return on investment within the first couple of month of practice. In addition JEX team showed their adaptability to  our business model and delivered without interfering with our process.

Philippe Jacquier
Survey Operation Manager, Subsea 7

IXSurvey SAS (iXBlue Company) use NavTrax since several years for its overseas equipment pool tracking.
This clean and friendly interface, useful and full of options make it an efficient tool, week adapted to our needs, enabling a real gain of time for our pool of equipment management and logistic.
Without forgetting a fully available technical support. A good deal.

S. R.
Logistic Manager, IXSurvey

Public Institution

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