Our employees have both business / technical skills allowing to develop adapted software solutions implementing the latest technologies and relying on organizational methods that really take into account the requirements of customers.


We have a client dedicated team, technical consultants and living partners.

Conformity to your needs

From the first contact, we establish together a priority list of your needs.

After hand we propose you an online demo with our best proposal.

We can propose you a trial access with your own data set in order to validate the conformity of our solution to your needs.

Data collection and loading

We take care of data uploading in our product from an Excel document or an existing database in order to gain data entry time and give you the opportunity to be efficiently operational.

We can easily interface to other softwares for data exchange (account, payroll, ERP, PMS, etc…)


We bring a specific attention to the good use of our solution by our customers from the very beginning of their set up.

We propose a half day training on your data set to get you directly operational.

Secure Cloud

  • Fast operational implementation
  • High security level
  • 24/7 availability
  • Immediate change of the software to new features, new user, change of perimeter,…


Separate databases & HTTPS encryption

Each customer’s data is stored in a separate database. This helps to display any risk of unwanted leaks to another company’s database. All information is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.

Daily backups

We store backups of your data in several different places with different hosts.


The infrastructures are located in France. Your data belongs only to you. None JEX employee can view the content of your database without your permission.

All inclusive service, serenity

We support all steps of the application provision, from its set up on our secured server till the final validation tests prior comissionning.

The application service offer includes :

  • Analysis service dimensioning according to client’s needs (request qty, user qty and their role, database sizing, …).
  • Application and parameters set up.
  • A dedicated hosting for your application on a full range of web hosting servers offering a high availabilty.
  • Assistance contract for application maintenance and operation.

Energy saving solution

Our dedicated hosting offer lay on last generation of very low energy consumption platforms respecting the environment.

Servers are built according to RoHS directive (no Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, …). Generated waste from the manufacture or server exploit are recycled or transformed by specialized company.


We offer our customers 2 levels of support on our products :

  • Premium : email and telephone support within 1 open day.
  • Platinum : email and telephone support within 4 open hours.


Our clients can contact our support service by email

Tailor made development

Our product progress with clients feedback and requests.  Our development department remain at your disposal to modify NavTrax according to your needs. We can deliver all steps from original brainstorming, through maintenance, drawing up the terms of reference, development and tests. We can do it ourself or in collaboration with our client’s team.