Asset Management

Guarantee the monitoring and management of the life cycle of the equipment (status, project, location, history, etc ...) and keep a full traceability.
Manage easily your assets.

Asset LifeCycle Management

Manage the full life cycle of your equipment : position, status (operation, on shelf, standing by,…), project assignment, characteristics, orders, documents, accessories, components, etc…


Easily manage your stores (tooling, consumables, stationaries, etc…) and quickly file your pool of equipment thanks to the inventory module.

Package & Components

Associate  group of equipment and constitute package and manage a componant tree.


Assign or book through few clics. Have a clear view of your available or booked equipment through integrated calendars.


Management module by lot allow gain of time and efficiency. Update several elements through few clics.

Powerfull Search Module

Find quickly your information thanks to a powerful search module.

Report & Optimize

NavTrax provides a complete reporting on your asset in order to optimise your pool.

Reports & Billing

NavTrax returns a cost control status and a clear invoice.


Open and modular API, easily integrate NavTrax with other software.


NavTrax adapts to your sector of activity through customisable interface in relation to your business model.

Track History

Keep historic of your equipment position and operations performed in order to get a full traceability.


Save all documents you wish : pictures, videos, user manuals, pdf, excel or word documents,…

Customs Documents Generation

Purchase order, delivery note, specific status, invoicing, get your own documentation format and integrate them into NavTrax.

Excel Import / Export

Import or export informations in Excel or Pdf format.

Barcode & QRcode Asset Tracking

NavTrax can read bar code and QR code from your office computer or your mobile.

Choose your hardware

We propose bar code / QR code readers and printers to suit your sector of activity, but you can choose others, NavTrax can interface to all kind of existing readers and printers.


Allocate and manage personnel responsibility on equipment services.

Google Map

Visualize the localization of your asset with Google Map.