Why NavTrax for the management of your equipment ?

Discover how NavTrax can meet your needs for managing and tracking your assets, equipments and inventory.

You don’t know where your equipment is located, what is their situation, if they are able to serve, you want to carry out an operational management of your equipment and follow their maintenance interventions, NavTrax is here to help you.

Managing your equipment with simple Excel sheets reaches its limits, with just a few clicks NavTrax helps you to tidy up and see things more clearly. Get an accurate status on the situation of your equipment park. You can optimize its use, its maintenance and its costs. Through the history of your operations, keep a complete traceability of interventions, assignments…

Operational management

Do you spend too much time following your equipment ? Use our asset tracking software to track, maintain and report. Real dashboard presenting actual status of your pool of equipment, with NavTrax you will limit the losses, optimize your stocks and associated costs and finally you will optimize your productivity, gaining precious time to accomplish others tasks.

NavTrax is a practical tool to support you and materialize a work process within your organization. Empower your teams and work simultaneously, via a secure single access portal, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Maintenance and Repair - CMMS

You subcontract all your maintenance and repair services, you find that CMMS tools are too complex or to sharp for your activity, simplify your tasks, prefers NavTrax, a clear and simple tool that you can configure according to your needs and who will adapt to your organization.

From simple periodic visual inspection, going through high level of certification or calibration requirements for your measuring instruments, NavTrax notifies you and organizes your documentary classification to ensure you stay in compliance with your procedures, the expectations of your clients and assist you to respond to certification companies.

Through its service management module, NavTrax guides you through the entire lifecycle of your equipment, to improve its reliability, increase its lifespan, maintains its integrity and control your budget.